DP Automatic Footbath


DP Agri Auto Bath is a simple self-fit automated footbath for cattle, with a programmed cycle involving a width-wise side tip action followed by a 45-second wash and clean cycle then a fast refill including chemical infusion. The base model is 3 meters long and is designed for farms with less than 300 cows.

The bath comes complete with its own custom-built 3mtr walkway allowing for simple installation into any barn.

Regular daily hoof baths are proven to reduce hoof problems dramatically. This is a cost-effective clean simple solution to the problems associated with disposing of wash solution and the cleanliness of the bath.

Options Include:

Stainless Steel Bath (£5600)

Dual Chemical Dosage

Custom Sized Baths (Suitable for robotic systems)

Ordinary steel (£5250)

Priced from April 2023, Please get in contact for a tailored price for you if you’re wanting a custom size/spec model.

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