Easy to use real-time dashboard and mobile app

Herdvision provides real-time data on the health and nutrition of your herd

Herdvision captures moving 3D images using a small digital camera positioned above a race. Data is fed back live by integrating with an intelligent online monitoring system

Data is delivered directly to your phone or tablet – supporting your daily management decisions. The digital camera, ‘in-box’ analysis software and cloud computing, brought together in a simple web interface, enables farmers, their vets and nutritionists, to make use of precise, consistent and regular outcome measurements of mobility and BCS in herd level management.


Body Condition Scoring (BCS)

Herdvision measures body condition each time the cow passes under the camera, reporting the changes in BCS directly to a smartphone


Mobility Scoring

Automated detection of lame cows allows early intervention and a significant reduction in the cost of this debilitating disease.

Promoted by Arla & Red Tractor Scheme.

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