Topcalf Accessories

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hay rack

  • Can be mounted on any calf hutch
  • Stimulates herd behaviour
  • Always access to fresh hay
  • Easy to attach
  • Double hay rack available

plastic removable panel

  • Plastic panel with vision hatch
  • Transform your single calf hutch into group hutch
  • Easy & light to remove
  • Available for all calf hutches

livestock curtain

  • Windbreak mesh
  • Easy to manually control
  • No chance for draught
  • Less respiratory problems
  • Available for trio, quattro and quinto edition

    Teat bucket

    • Transparant so you can always see how much your calf drinks
    • Easy to clean & install
    • Available with li

      bucket holder

      • Single & Double bucket holders
      • Stable
      • Galvanized
      • Equipped with hooks
      • Available on all calf hutch editions


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