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CalfOTel Hybrid Hutches


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CalfOTel Hybrid

Good calf rearing is increasingly important for efficient, successful dairy farming. In order to further optimize calf breeding, VDK Products has developed the ‘CalfOTel Hybrid’ – a unique new calf housing concept in which calves can be housed both individually and in small groups ‘outdoors.’ This allows calves to be kept in the same calf hutch from day one to three months of age. The system was developed with labour, hygiene, and animal health in mind.



Strong features

  • Specially designed to house calves outside
  • The shape of the calf hutch and the adjustable flap ensure a good microclimate
  • Calves can be kept in the same group in the calf hutch from day one to three months of age
  • Removable partitions create flexible layout options
  • Flexible configuration: individual and group housing in one
  • Partitionable fencing
  • Less surface area
  • The movable flap on the front of the hutch provides a good view of the calves, and the farmer can stand upright inside the calf hutch
  • As the calves are housed together, the farmer does not need to walk as far
  • Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, guaranteeing a long service life and a relatively cool temperature in summer
  • Removable partitions made of polyester


Measurements of calf hutch (L x W x H): 450 x 227.5 x 189 cm
The dimensions of the boxes: 100 x 170 cm

Height of fences: 105 cm
Height of partitions: 98 cm
Depth of calf hutch on the ground: 172 cm
Ground clearance of the lowest part of openings through which cows can smell: 85 cm


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