Cow Comfort

Type BV



Often between two cubicles a pile of bedding arises, which means the cows lie in a hole.You can prevent this with the bedding leveller, resulting in comfort for your cows and more efficient use of bedding. The bedding leveller is suitable for fine bedding such as sawdust, thick fraction, compost and sand in combination with a hanging cubicle.

The arm has a hydraulic folding system and an adjustable end stop that follows the edge of the cubicle.A height-adjustable scraper slides the bedding from the edge to the middle and a rake levels the rest of the cubicle. A plate can be mounted between the tines of the rake so the machine works like a shovel.The rake arm can be tilted so that it is also possible to move bedding from the rear to the front of the cubicle.


  • Works on the right side of the shovel
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • One double-acting valve requiredIn height and width adjustable end stop
  • In height and width adjustable edge scraper
  • Adjustable angle for rake armInsert plate for rake arm (rake becomes a shovel)
  • Quick coupler not included
  • Finishing: two-layer powder coating


  • Manure scraper 1600 mm

The DP Agri crush range is designed and manufactured in house and can be tailored to the specific needs of the trimmer or farmer. At DP we work with our customers to make sure they have everything they need to make their work as easy and efficient as possible.

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