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Healmax Hoof Bath


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HealMax concentrate is a footbath solution designed to cure the cause and effect of digital dermatitis Healmax is the proven, quick and effective way to treat and prevent outbreaks of digital dermatitis. The footbath solution is for use as a broad spectrum treatment for the whole group of animals. Healmax should be used at a 2% solution in your footbath. This means that a 200L footbath should be filled with 196L of water and 4L of Healmax. Animals suffering from digital dermatitis will have reduced performance and will be susceptible to other problems. Results have proven that dermatitis starts to heal instantly with results visible after three days. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Treatment should be once a day for 5 – 7 consecutive days. Maintenance: should be once per day for 3 – 4 consecutive days or use as needed or consider rotating with Hoofmax and copper sulphate for a perfect solution.

20 Ltr Barrel
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The DP Agri crush range is designed and manufactured in house and can be tailored to the specific needs of the trimmer or farmer. At DP we work with our customers to make sure they have everything they need to make their work as easy and efficient as possible.

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