Milk N Roll Calf Trolley


You can transport your calves around your farm easily with MilknRoll Calf Trolley. Thanks it’s pivot-action, you can load and unload the calf with ease and move calves in a safe way.


Furthermore the combination of high ground clearance and pneumatic bearing wheels ensures safe and easy driving even on uneven surfaces. Thanks to its free flow movement, even though with maximum load, the calf cart handle all types of transportation task in the farm.

In addition to transporting calves, you can use MilknRoll Calf Trolley during dehorning and medical treatment of your calves. The head lock mechanism secures the calf in place.

Calf Taxi with large tires can deal with snow, gravel and steps straightforwardly. So you can transport your calves at every point effortlessly.

Calf Trolley Features 

  • Front and back doors for easy loading/unloading
  • Safe and easy driving even on rough ground
  • Locking headgate secures the calf in place
  • Walls made of galvanized metal
  • Slatted plastic floor for easy cleaning
  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvre
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