Hoof Trimming

Demotec Claw Check


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The gauge with 5 functions for the right claw cut
The invaluable aid, which gives practical guidance when hoof care is undertaken.
The best assistance that can be given to those undertaking hoof care is the provision of practical aid and support.
One such ais is the Claw-Check, developed by Dr. Kümper, which gives guidance, so that the trimming and paring of claws to maximum advantage can be achieved.

• Controls the angle between the sole and the anterior claw wall
• Measures the length of the anterior claw wall
• Compares the height between the inside and outside claws
• Ensures that the correct plane of contact of the sole to the ground can be achieve
• Controls the slope of the sole


The DP Agri crush range is designed and manufactured in house and can be tailored to the specific needs of the trimmer or farmer. At DP we work with our customers to make sure they have everything they need to make their work as easy and efficient as possible.

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