DP Hydraulic Farmers Crush Original


Price is + VAT and P & P

Our DP farmers Hydraulic Farmers Pro Crush works from a powerful hydraulic/electric motor direct from a 13amp supply.

Fully hydraulic, front yoke, belly band, Danish front feet blocks, rear leg and hydraulic rump bar. a true contractor spec crush for the farmer


Lead in gates

LED Lights

Electric Grinder Plugs

Grant Applicable

Scotland ATP4

England FETF64

The crush must be specially designed for foot trimming and not intended for other animal management purposes.
With an internal width of at least 720mm, the crush will have a head yoke, rotating rump bar and with motorised winches. Must include belly harness/support lifting straps and a minimum of two hoof blocks.
Rotating/Rollover crushes are not eligible.
All ferrous metal parts of the crush will be fully galvanised or powder coated. Painted crushes are not eligible.
Crushes with wooden floors are not eligible.

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