DP Agri Farmers Euro Crush


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The DP Farmers Euro Crush is the latest farmers version of our successful Contractors Euro Crush on a road going axle. Designed for larger farms predominantly doing their own trimming
This crush has the Danish style leg fixings combined with the original DP Agri dimensions. Over the many years we have found keeping the cow balanced greatly reduces stress on the animal and trimmer thus making it a more pleasant and safer working environment
All legs can be pulled up into leg stirrups firmly fixing the claw so no movement can happen whilst using powered grinders etc. A double belly band is fitted as standard on these crushes for extra support and a host of extras is available

Grant Applicable

Scotland ATP4

England SG11

The crush must be specially designed for foot trimming and not intended for other animal management purposes.
With an internal width of at least 720mm, the crush will have a head yoke, rotating rump bar and with motorised winches. Must include belly harness/support lifting straps and a minimum of two hoof blocks.
Rotating/Rollover crushes are not eligible.
All ferrous metal parts of the crush will be fully galvanised or powder coated. Painted crushes are not eligible.
Crushes with wooden floors are not eligible.

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