FlingK Products

FlingK Type S

The S bedder is a heavy duty bedder for distributing sand but can also distribute sawdust, compressed straw and compost. The bedder has a wheel at the bottom of the container to prevent clogging. Between the bearings and the hydraulic motor are spacers so sand will not get into the bearings.

FlingK Type SX

The new sand bedder is not equipped with rollers but with an oscillating mechanism in the container. Because there is no rotating roller the machine has a longer service life. Thanks to the thick sheets, a Hardox blade, Hardox wear parts and an extra thick three-layer conveyor the machine is highly suitable for sand. 

FlingK Type ZX

The ZX bedder has an extra stirrer at the top of the container. Therefore this machine can process products that are more susceptible to clogging. The hydraulic motors have flexible couplings and the chain guard can be easily opened for maintenance. 

FlingK Type SE

The SE bedder is an electric powered spreader running on two 12V batteries. The bedder must be pushed along by hand. The electric powered stirrer prevents clogging and the conveyor distributes the bedding to the cow cubicle. The speed of the conveyor is infinitely adjustable so the thickness of the bedding layer can be precisely determined. The quantity of bedding to be spread can be precisely adjusted with a mechanical metering shutter.

FlingK Type BV

Often between two cubicles a pile of bedding arises, which means the cows lie in a hole.You can prevent this with the bedding leveller, resulting in comfort for your cows and more efficient use of bedding.

FlingK Type KKS

The all-rounder. This spreader is developed to distribute types of bedding that are heavier and more difficult to process such as horse manure or a mixture of chalk/water/straw. The container has a special shape so the bedding moves down easily. The two separately powered metering rolls have heavy duty hydraulic powering that prevent clogging. 

FlingK Type Z

The Z bedder is a high capacity bedder for distributing sawdust, compressed straw and compost (up to Z 2000). For daily distribution or distribution of very small quantities the bedder can be equipped with a metering shutter.

FlingK Type CS

The CS combi bedder has the same basis as the Z type, plus an extra bedder and conveyor for distributing extra bedding such as chalk. The extra bedder has a capacity of 50 liter and discharges to the right side. Both the thickness of the bedding layer and the quantity of bedding can be adjusted very precisely. As a result the bedding is distributed very precisely and the use of bedding material can be accurately controlled.

FlingK Type ZXS

The ZXS bedder is a variation on the ZX type. Because of the special system with three rollers in the container and heavy duty hydraulic powering, this container is not susceptible to clogging. The high revving conveyor can distribute widely. Where previously it was not possible to distribute in certain situations and with certain machines, this is now possible with the ZXS. With enough oil it is possible to distribute much further. Merely a shovel or a tractor with small oil capacity will do. The container also has a better design, which makes it much easier to load. The ZXS is suitable for distributing sawdust, crushed straw, chopped straw, compost, green bedding and horse manure (with wood shavings).

FlingK Type GS

The Flingk GS is a single axle pulled bedder. By means of a floor chain and distribution rollers the bedding is distributed to a conveyor. The conveyor can discharge to the left and to the right. The speed of the floor chain is infinitely adjustable so the quantity of bedding can be precisely determined. This machine has a large capacity and because it has an axle, the axle load on your slatts is low. The bedder can process sawdust, crushed straw, chopped straw, compost, green bedding, horse manure and a mixture of lime/water/straw. The machine can also be used as forage box feeder wagon.

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