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Uusi perushydraulinen Farm Crush

So pleased with this model for people trimming lesser cows

Aitauksen aika!

Hevosen nurmikon siemeniä ja lannoitteita nyt saatavilla karjallesi. Vieraile maatilakaupassamme tai [...]


Uudet hevosvuodevaatteet ovat osoittautuneet suosituiksi asiakkaiden keskuudessa. Sorbeo on valmistettu puupelleteistä [...]

Purple Cow Brand sees Superb Results

The NEW Purple Cow range of products manufactured in England for DP Agri start to [...]

DP Launch NEW Blocking Glue

Today we launch our own blocking glue, for both wooden and plastic blocks. After 12 [...]

The Wonders of Healmax Products

DP Agri Ltd are the sole importers for the Healmax range of products, designed to [...]

Crazy we are even delivering at Weekends

To get through the workload another pickup and trailer and overtime for Gav as we [...]

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