Type GS

The Flingk GS is a single axle pulled bedder. By means of a floor chain and distribution rollers the bedding is distributed to a conveyor. The conveyor can discharge to the left and to the right. The speed of the floor chain is infinitely adjustable so the quantity of bedding can be precisely determined. This machine has a large capacity and because it has an axle, the axle load on your slatts is low. The bedder can process sawdust, crushed straw, chopped straw, compost, green bedding, horse manure and a mixture of lime/water/straw. The machine can also be used as forage box feeder wagon.




  • Discharges to the left and to the right
  • PTO powered distribution rollers save on hydraulic capacity
  • One hydraulic press and free return required
  • Speed floor chain infinitely adjustable
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings and relief valve
  • Wooden bumper on container
  • Two big distribution rollers for precise distribution
  • Conveyor with sealed edges and scraper
  • Rubber covered drive- and second roller
  • PTO shaft not included
  • Finishing: two-layer powder coating


  • Hitch drawbar with lower link suspension (bedder follows the track)
  • Adjustable speed control for conveyor belt
  • Lighting
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