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    Hagro Drinkers
    Stainless Steel
    Easy to Clean
    Made from durable Stainless Steel and easy to clean.
    With a patented large, lock down bung these troughs are now common place throughout Europe.
    Available in a variety sizes to best suit your needs.
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    DP Pro Euro-Crush
    Maximise Comfort
    Access all Hooves
    Easy to Transport
    Part of our comprehensive range of in house manufactured crushes
    A crush range that has been designed to maximise
    cow comfort and give the user complete access to all four hooves,
    with minimum stress for the animal. We cater for both farm and professional trimmers.

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Barn Lighting

The Premium 250 light fitting has a stainless steel housing that can withstand an aggressive environment. normal housing, which is made from powder- coated or painted steel, is unsuitable for use in a livestock building. When the light is burning the temperature reaches as high as 80°C.


DP Agri have become the sole importers for the Dutch Company Flingk who make specialist bedders for Sand, Sawdust, and all forms of Compost and Green Bedding. To find out more about the FlingK Please see our page here.